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ASCS Regional Lineups Updated

ASCS Regional Lineups Updated

TULSA, Okla. (May 18, 2016) New races and rescheduled races have been added to several ASCS Regional lineups.

With Mother Nature delaying the opening weekend of the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region, one of the tracks that was affected has been able to reschedule as the Gillette Thunder Speedway has taken Saturday, June 4 so as to make the new opening weekend a double header with the Gallatin Speedway in Belgrade, Mont. kicking things off on Friday, June 3.

Making it all the way to the A-Feature before Nature again had her way at the Callaway Raceway in Fulton, Mo. on April 29, the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps has announced that the rain shortened event has been rescheduled for Friday, June 3. This will be complete race program.

Finally, the American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Red River Region presented by Smiley’s Racing Products has added the Texarkana 67 Speedway in Texarkana, Ark. to the lineup on Friday, July 15. This now gives drivers a double-header weekend with Superbowl Speedway in Greenville, Texas on Saturday, July 16. There are still a pair of TBA dates on the 2016 schedule. More information will be announced on those dates once it becomes available.

Including TBA events, 110 nights of racing remain across the American Sprint Car Series as a whole. For continued updates on the American Sprint Car Series, log onto

Updates 2016 ASCS Lineup – All Races:

Date-Track-City, State-Sanction

5/20/2016-Creek County Speedway - Sapulpa, OK-Red River
5/20/2016-Missouri State Fair Speedway - Sedalia, MO-Warrior
5/21/2016-Lawton Speedway - Lawton, OK-Red River
5/21/2016-Southern Raceway - Milton, FL-SOS
5/27/2016-RPM Speedway - Crandall, TX-Gulf South
5/28/2016-Devil's Bowl Speedway - Mesquite, TX-Gulf South
5/29/2016-Double X Speedway - California, MO-Warrior
5/29/2016-Lone Star Speedway - Kilgore, TX-Gulf South

6/1/2016-Plymouth Speedway - Plymouth, IN-National / GLSS
6/3/2016-Callaway Raceway - Fulton, MO-Warrior
6/3/2016-Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT-Frontier
6/3/2016-Hartford Speedway - Hartford, MI-National / GLSS
6/4/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest
6/4/2016-Brownstown Speedway - Brownstown, IN-National / GLSS
6/4/2016-Gillette Thunder Speedway - Gillette, WY-Frontier
6/10/2016-Golden Triangle Raceway Park - Beaumont, TX-Gulf South / SOS
6/10/2016-U.S. 36 Raceway - Cameron, MO-Warrior
6/11/2016-Battleground Speedway - Highlands, TX-Gulf South / SOS
6/11/2016-Route 66 Motor Speedway - Amarillo, TX-National / Red River
6/11/2016-Valley Speedway - Grain Valley, MO-Warrior
6/14/2016-Devil's Bowl Speedway - Mesquite, TX-National
6/15/2016-Lawton Speedway - Lawton, OK-National
6/16/2016-Creek County Speedway - Sapulpa, OK-National
6/17/2016-Missouri State Fair Speedway - Sedalia, MO-National / Warrior
6/18/2016-Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ-Southwest
6/18/2016-Lucas Oil Speedway - Wheatland, MO-National / Warrior
6/19/2016-Double X Speedway - California, MO-Warrior
6/21/2016-Cloud Peak Raceway - Sheridan, WY-National / Frontier
6/23/2016-Skagit Speedway - Alger, WA-National
6/24/2016-Moulton Speedway - Moulton, AL-SOS
6/24/2016-Skagit Speedway - Alger, WA-National
6/25/2016-Fort Payne Speedway - Fort Payne, AL-SOS
6/25/2016-Skagit Speedway - Alger, WA-National

7/1/2016-Callaway Raceway - Fulton, MO-Warrior
7/1/2016-Grays Harbor Raceway - Elma, WA-National
7/1/2016-Hattiesburg Speedway - Hattiesburg, MS-SOS
7/2/2016-Grays Harbor Raceway - Elma, WA-National
7/2/2016-Hattiesburg Speedway - Hattiesburg, MS-SOS
7/2/2016-Randolph County Raceway - Moberly, MO-Warrior
7/3/2016-Double X Speedway - California, MO-Warrior
7/7/2016-Creek County Speedway - Sapulpa, OK-Red River
7/7/2016-Missouri State Fair Speedway - Sedalia, MO-Warrior
7/8/2016-Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT-National / Frontier
7/8/2016-Outlaw Motor Speedway - Wainwright, OK-Red River
7/9/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest
7/9/2016-Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT-National / Frontier
7/9/2016-Lawton Speedway - Lawton, OK-Red River
7/15/2016-Texarkana 67 Speedway - Texarkana, AR-Red River
7/16/2016-Deep South Speedway - Loxley, AL-SOS
7/16/2016-Superbowl Speedway - Greenville, TX-Red River
7/22/2016-Black Hills Speedway - Rapid City, SD-National / Frontier
7/22/2016-Heart O' Texas Speedway - Waco, TX-Gulf South
7/22/2016-U.S. 36 Raceway - Cameron, MO-Warrior
7/23/2016-Cotton Bowl Speedway - Paige, TX-Gulf South
7/23/2016-Gillette Thunder Speedway - Gillette, WY-National / Frontier
7/24/2016-Double X Speedway - California, MO-Warrior
7/28/2016-Park Jefferson International Speedway - Jefferson, SD-National
7/29/2016-Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT-Frontier
7/29/2016-Western Tech Speedway Park - El Paso, TX-Southwest
7/30/2016-Southern New Mexico Speedway - Las Cruces, NM-Southwest
7/31/2016-Badlands Motor Speedway - Brandon, SD-National

8/4/2016-Knoxville Raceway - Knoxville, IA-National
8/5/2016-Knoxville Raceway - Knoxville, IA-National
8/5/2016-Valentine Speedway - Glenrock, WY-Frontier
8/6/2016-Knoxville Raceway - Knoxville, IA-National
8/6/2016-Valentine Speedway - Glenrock, WY-Frontier
8/12/2016-Black Hills Speedway - Rapid City, SD-Frontier
8/12/2016-Jackson Motor Speedway - Byram, MS-SOS
8/13/2016-Gillette Thunder Speedway - Gillette, WY-Frontier
8/13/2016-Jackson Motor Speedway - Byram, MS-SOS
8/19/2016-Heart O' Texas Speedway - Waco, TX-Gulf South
8/20/2016-Lone Star Speedway - Kilgore, TX-Gulf South
8/20/2016-Saint Francois County Raceway - Farmington, MO-National / Warrior
8/21/2016-Missouri State Fair Speedway - Sedalia, MO-National / Warrior
8/27/2016-Superbowl Speedway - Greenville, TX-Red River

9/2/2016-Shady Oaks Speedway - Goliad, TX-Gulf South
9/3/2016-Battleground Speedway - Highlands, TX-Gulf South
9/3/2016-Randolph County Raceway - Moberly, MO-Warrior
9/3/2016-Southern Raceway - Milton, FL-SOS
9/4/2016-Golden Triangle Raceway Park - Beaumont, TX-Gulf South
9/4/2016-Randolph County Raceway - Moberly, MO-Warrior
9/9/2016-Crossville Raceway - Crossville, TN-SOS
9/9/2016-Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT-Frontier
9/10/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest
9/10/2016-Cleveland Speedway - Cleveland, TN-SOS
9/10/2016-Cloud Peak Raceway - Sheridan, WY-Frontier
9/10/2016-Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, TX-Red River
9/16/2016-TBA - Tba, OK-Red River
9/17/2016-Missouri State Fair Speedway - Sedalia, MO-Warrior
9/17/2016-TBA - Tba, OK-Red River
9/22/2016-Lucas Oil Speedway - Wheatland, MO-National / Warrior
9/23/2016-Atomic Motor Raceway - Blackfoot, ID-Frontier
9/23/2016-Lucas Oil Speedway - Wheatland, MO-National / Warrior
9/24/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest
9/24/2016-Atomic Motor Raceway - Blackfoot, ID-Frontier
9/24/2016-Lucas Oil Speedway - Wheatland, MO-National / Warrior
9/30/2016-Lakeside Speedway - Kansas City, KS-Warrior

10/1/2016-I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE-National
10/1/2016-Missouri State Fair Speedway - Sedalia, MO-Warrior
10/1/2016-Southern Raceway - Milton, FL-SOS
10/8/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest
10/8/2016-Timberline Speedway - Corley, TX-Red River
10/14/2016-Devil's Bowl Speedway - Mesquite, TX-National / Red River
10/15/2016-Devil's Bowl Speedway - Mesquite, TX-National / Red River
10/28/2016-TBA - Tba, TX-
10/29/2016-TBA - Tba, TX-

11/4/2016-TBA - TBA, FL-
11/5/2016-TBA - TBA, FL-
11/25/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest
11/26/2016-Arizona Speedway - Queen Creek, AZ-Southwest

**All dates subject to change without notice.