ASCS Red River Region

Track Profile

Real History

Where did Stock Cars come from . . . and why have they become so popular here in the Electric City? Let us turn the calendar back to 1951 and 1952. In 1951, there were very few Stock Cars in the State of Montana. The few that were in this area were racing at a track called “Baldies”, near Shelby.
In 1952, a few Stock Car enthusiasts promoted a Stock Car rare in September, at the Fairgrounds in Great Falls, which actual¬ly resulted in starting scheduled Stock Car Racing locally. After seeing how well this great outdoor sport was accepted by the general public, several Great Falls business men got their heads together and planned and built what is now the Great Falls Speedway this racing plant has eventually become one OF the finest quarter-mile dirt tracks in the State.
The location for the Speedway was a “Natural”, but did require a considerable amount of dirt fill, which at first emerged as a very serious problem, namely.. dust and “holes” in the track. These two obstacles alone required a great deal of time and expense to eliminate them, but after three seasons of operation, we feel that these problems are completely under control.
The Grandstands were built right on a natural ground slope which give our patrons the best of vision in all directions and at the same time eliminates the danger of falling from any height. The concessions are located very handy to the stands for the convenience of the fans. Rest room facilities on the ground have been constantly improved, as have the track lighting and sound system, which we think is merited by the excellent support given to Stock Car Racing by the fans in this area.
So. with the track in the very best of condition for the drivers, and the management having in mind the comfort of the fans at all times, the Great Falls Speedway has rapidly become known throughout Montana and the Northwest as one of the finest and fastest quarter-mile dirt tracks in the area.
So, it we may. the Management and Racing, Inc. would like to THANK YOU for your generous support in the past and hope that we might be able to continue to bring you this most thrilling of outdoor sports – Stock Car Racing – and that the brand of entertainment will be the best possible and merit your further support.